Liquid Art Winery was founded in 2014 by Kansas natives Dave & Danielle Tegtmeier. It is comprised of a 20-acre Estate vineyard, tasting room, full-production winery, and event center. The Estate is perched on top of an ancient mountain range in an area of the Midwest known as "The Flint Hills." The terroir of the area replicates the soil profile and terrain of some of the most prominent grape-growing regions in the world, allowing us to craft premium wines from old-world grape varietals using sustainable viticulture.


Liquid Art Winery also produces Dave & Dani Craft Cider. In the Tasting Room, there are seasonal ciders in frequent rotation on the Test Taps. Select flavors are offered in bottles to take home. The craft ciders are naturally gluten free, celiac friendly, produced with minimal sugar, and offered in a variety of fun and different flavors.

Dave & Dani Craft Cider

Available in retail liquor stores, bars, restaurants,

and Liquid Art's Tasting Room

1745 Wildcat Creek Rd, Manhattan, KS

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